We auction off rare luxury items to meet our fundraising goal. Our products, like one-of-a-kind, appreciate over time. Our bidders, especially the winners, can dictate which region will receive proceeds from the auction.

Joy of giving

One of our fundraising sources is a live auction of luxury items. We will add proceeds from our sales to our 10 ten billion dollar fundraising goal. Bidders will be happy participants of the change we all want to see.

Tax deduction

JustLikeGod is a 501c3 organization that creates different sources of raising funds to support our mission. All donations and funds raised from our campaigns are tax-deductible.


JustLikeGod is a movement to promote human welfare like never been done before boldly. Our highest bidder wins the auction and will have the ability to decide on receiving a contract for one or more of our ongoing projects.

We have started a Live Auction for a gorgeous custom-made Lumilor blue black Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. What makes the design of this beautiful Roadster so alluring? The style, the idea of patriotism, the twin tower windshield decal, the creativity to honor the fallen and the show of appreciation for all who serve us! We have made our entire focus on what’s important and we promise that you will love it.