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How can we successfully implement a nation-wide change in our school's curriculum to include innovative, practical, and real-world subject matter electives? Every school year, students' internships and apprenticeships should be mandatory, and more collaboration with students and corporations must be encouraged. What are your suggestions on how the US Department of Education can victoriously revamp our schools' curriculum to mandate skills-based workforce development in readiness for the real world?


There are about four million people under probation in the United States. Within their first year of supervision, recidivism risk, and the expectation for the offender to succeed is the highest. Thus, it is vital to explore how offenders’ needs change. Justlikegod will initiate the COOT (Crime Out Our Turf) institute. We will adequately fund this project to create correction programs that effectively address the criminogenic needs of felony offenders. The COOT project will create new jobs, new homes, and community outreach events to help reduce the rate of crime and recidivism. What are your thoughts on our proposition?

Metal detector installation in schools.

Perception! Some school districts in affluent areas do not want metal detectors installed because of the impression that their schools may not be safe. Some of the poorer school districts do not want metal detectors either because they believe it profiles their students as being high-risk students.

There is no way of knowing when and what will trigger a student to become an active shooter. This lack of warning signs makes active shooting incidents the most critical issue in America. Thus, we are committed to ending bullying and active shooting incidents in our schools in a bid to promote safety and high-quality education.

Do you consider school safety a "high priority" concern? What are your thoughts on what you think we must do to ensure we successfully tackle this challenge? How can we address concerns that the utilization of school staff has considerable teacher's union and liability issues? There are conversations about clear transparent backpacks which will make it hard for an active shooter to conceal a weapon. What do you think about a "Transparent backpack policy"?  

Can we deploy our military to each school instead of using school staff? If yes, will the DOD be willing to accept funds from our charity organization to recruit military service members specifically for the role of a school security specialist? Will, the Police Department be willing to accept funds from our organization and utilize the funds to recruit more officers? These officers will be assigned to work as law enforcement agents at each stationed walk-through metal detector. As a parent, what are your thoughts on metal detector installation in schools? Do you prefer more security guards instead or do you support both metal detector installation and more security guards per school?

Healthcare as an economic lifeline

According to research by Woskie LR, Jha AK, the US, in comparison to the other ten high-income developed countries, had the highest percentage of adults who were overweight or obese at 70.1%. The US also had the highest infant mortality rate (5.8 deaths per 1000 live births) and the lowest Life expectancy of the 11 countries at 78.8 years. According to Mitchell RJ and Bates P.'s analysis on health-related productivity loss, health-related work losses are estimated to cost US employers more than $260 billion each year and may cost some companies more than medical expenditures.

Every year, America loses in economic output due to employees' absence and decreased on-the-job productivity caused by workers' illness. A systematic review and meta-analysis on the combined effects of healthy lifestyle behaviors on all-cause mortality showed that adherence to a healthy lifestyle is associated with a lower risk of mortality. Studies found that over half of premature deaths were due to unhealthy lifestyle factors such as poor diet, inactivity, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking. Profit-driven venture capitalist and pharmaceutical companies invest heavily in the development of new pricey drugs and treatments for diseases, rather than on trying to prevent them. Prevention is better than cure; thus, enforcing a healthy lifestyle law and making affordable healthcare accessible, will be beneficial to our nation's economy. Healthy workers are typically more productive people who can achieve greater financial stability.

An increase in wellness and decrease in illness amongst Americans on the economic margins, will substantiate the positive impact of healthy working Americans subsequently, boosting and strengthening the US economy. Just like motorcycle helmets and seat belt safety legislation, can healthy diet & lifestyle rules be enacted through public health efforts and policy changes? What are your thoughts? How can we successfully engineer affordable health Care & healthy habits as an essential economic lifeline? Just like the US military, should civilian employers enforce bi-annual physical fitness assessment (PFA)? What must we do to get Congress to enact a more comprehensive health care reform?

Climate change

Mother Earth is dying! It’s unconscionable that we are ruining our planet, wildlife, and marine life. What can we do to save our home? How hard is it to enforce the use of clean, renewable energy, plant more trees, and end plastic packaging and plastic waste stream? We all should be concerned that single-use plastics are wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods and natural environments. Scientists have estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by mass. There are widespread concerns about single-use plastic pollution and its impact on water quality, our food supply, marine ecosystem health, and our carbon footprint. While beach cleanups are helping to eradicate what’s onshore, there are still 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into our oceans every year. That’s equivalent to one garbage truck-full every single minute.

With an expected 20% increase in plastic production predicted over the next decade, the problem is only getting worse. Cleanups can be costly. This tactic alone can’t keep up with the production of plastics. Existing recycling infrastructure can’t keep pace either as only less than 9% of plastic is recycled. An unchecked plastic waste stream is a global threat. Exposure to plastics and associated toxins has causes congenital disabilities, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption, and other serious health issues. Tackling plastic packaging and distribution at the source are the only solutions left, and we must take urgent action to stop this toxic waste stream from continuing to build up.

How can we get the Senate and Assembly to fast-track the approval and implementation of the Plastic Pollution Elimination Act? This rule will become the framework for a 70% reduction of all single-use plastic packaging and products sold in America, with the rest being effectively recyclable or compostable. We need elected officials to implement strong, comprehensive environmental policies so that America can take the lead in eradicating single-use plastics and disposables for good. What are your suggestions on how we can successfully tackle this challenge?


Active-Duty Military & Veteran Suicide

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, an average of 20 Military service members and Veterans commit suicide every day. Veteran suicide rates are still higher than the rest of the population, particularly among women. Elevated suicide risk has been shown to endure well beyond military service, with Veterans carrying a much greater risk for suicide than their civilian counterparts. Veterans account for approximately 18% of all adult suicide deaths in the U.S. Interestingly, Veterans represent only 8.5% of the U.S. population, highlighting the disproportionate number of suicide deaths in this population.

With the significantly increased suicide rates in our military population, it is imperative that we provide evidence-based psychotherapies developed specifically to target suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The VA/DOD Clinical Practice Guideline for the assessment and management of patients at risk for suicide recommended the use of evidence-based treatment like Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention. This well-structured, time-limited, present-focused approach helps patients develop coping skills and strategies to overcome suicidal crises.” Do you think there is a better approach to eradicating suicide in the military community?

Attacks on police officers

According to a report by ODMP, 66 offered have died so far in 2019 and163 officers died in 2018 in the line of duty - a 12% increase from 2017. The majority of the officers who died were ambushed, killed, or fatally injured in car accidents. Every time a police officer stops and approaches an unknown motorist, what might initially start as a routine traffic stop can quickly escalate to a fatal encounter. Vicious attacks against cops are a huge threat to all of us. It is always sad and sickening to hear the dreadful news that a cop was attacked and killed in the line of duty.

When our law enforcement officers are brazenly attacked or assassinated the disruption to public order intensely affects the community. How are we supposed to feel safe if there exists a type of outlaw that can boldly strike down officers who we entrust to keep us safe? It is important to reiterate that killing a police officer is a first-degree felony, and people adjudged guilty of a felony of the first degree will be severely punished. How can we gainfully discourage people from being inclined to attack law enforcement? What can we do to make public safety a non-life threatening job?

Police brutality

Police brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct which involves unnecessary violence by police members. Unfortunately, some cops are more crooked than any actual criminal, and we must get those cops out of our Police Department. According to the Police Executive Research Forum, recruits usually spend about 60 hours learning how to handle a gun but only eight hours learning how to de-escalate tense situations, or properly handle the mentally ill. Training police officers to be members of the community and not just armed patrolmen will be very helpful. Our police officers should be trained on how to develop better relationships with their communities. This training should incorporate culture, diversity, mental illness training, youth development, bias, and racism.

According to A Toolkit for Promoting Justice in Policing, "recruits should be thoroughly and professionally trained on procedural bias and fairness, implicit bias, institutional bias, relationship-based and community interaction, crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, appropriate engagement with youth based on science of adolescent brain development, de-escalation and minimizing use of force, coping with mental ill individuals, increasing language proficiency and cultural competency, appropriate engagement with LGBTQ, trans and gender-nonconforming people and documenting, preventing and addressing sexual harassment, abuse and assault." Besides protesting, can we make sure no more people are killed, beaten, or tortured by the police? Does the Police Department lack funds or need more funds to implement these recommendations? What must be done to promote justice and equity in law enforcement?


A study by the Economic Policy Institute shows just how stark these realities for working low-income families can be. A single parent with children earning minimum wag who misses up to three days of work could push an entire family into poverty. A few days of missed work because of illness are equivalent to a whole month’s groceries for the average family. Moreover, hourly-wage jobs are less likely than salaried workers to have sick days. Up to nine out of 10 of higher-wage salaried workers have access to time off for getting sick while only two out of 10 lower-wage workers do. Hourly workers are more vulnerable to losing their jobs from getting ill and having to miss work. A five-day illness can translate into months of lost income.” Sending our hearing thoughts and prayers to those abject poverty without substantial move to help is futile and negligent. Do not be that guy who practices patriotism only when it’s convenient. We should all embrace the notion of shared prosperity and eradicating poverty in America.

The most effective way to eliminate poverty is to create jobs that lead to higher income. We need more corporations and wealthy pioneers to commit to and be prepared to take the risk of investing in low-income communities. Our failure to do so will create breeding grounds for more poverty and instability, which will continue to affect our economy. Our organization, JustlikeGod, is committed to creating 100,000 jobs during our first year of operation. We want every American to be part of the change we all want to see. Please subscribe to our monthly donations and share your ingenious ideas with us on how we can better our communities.

End racism & Religious Terrorism with education

NO one is born a racist. There is no genetic link to religious terrorism. Typically, children will play with anyone until a parent tells them not to. Teaching children the language to recognize and understand race and bias is an important part of the work of dismantling racism through education. We can't assume that children will figure it out later by themselves. Kids can easily grasp the idea, even as little as the first grade. We can start the learning process early so our kids can understand the importance of loving one another regardless of their race, religion, or cultural differences.

An initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education developed and implemented a curriculum called Dismantling Racism. It is a biweekly lesson, taught in a dedicated block, and explores issues of identity, perspective, privilege, oppression, and activism. It is vital to discuss and confront racism and religious terrorism at a very early age. If we can't talk about it, then how can you come to understand, love, and care about each other? Learning about implicit bias, race, and privilege is a lifelong exploration. Educators must not push off addressing these issues with children just because there is more work to be done with the adults. It can take a long time to achieve progress, so let's start small, and with time, we will make progress.

As an American parent, what do you think about new subjects that focus on diversity? Subjects that discourage prejudice against Islam or Muslims, and encourage building a truly integrated school community? How can we eliminate the use of race and religion as justifications for terrorism and evil towards another? Do you think elementary-aged children too young to broach such complex subjects? What are your suggestions on ending racism and religious terrorism by educating our children from a young age?

Immigration reform

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, about 100 CBP agents committed suicide between 2017 and 2018 due to increasing job stress related to the crisis at the border and dealing with desperate families seeking asylum. Sadly, this ongoing border crisis affects our CBP agents as much as it affects asylum seekers.

In March 2019, authorities apprehended 92,607 immigrants who entered the country illegally — the highest monthly total in more than a decade. The number of migrants trying to claim asylum also has been rising steadily. It is now commonplace for those who are apprehended crossing illegally and those denied entry at ports of entry to claim asylum. The rise of progressive protestants who are pro-illegal immigration prevents the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws and makes the possibility of meaningful congressional action seem even more remote. Trying to manage this level and type of illegal immigration is taking away resources from other important border security and trade missions. CBP agents often report that drug trafficking organizations send large groups of women and children on long, dangerous treks to the border as a tactic to overwhelm them. While the CBP agents are distracted by the large groups of undocumented migrants, the traffickers are freely engaging in illicit activities.

Most migrants who come to America illegally are usually people who cannot afford to migrate the proper way. How can we reform the asylum system to serve underprivileged migrants with legitimate claims? How can we help men, women, and children who are living in terrible conditions at the US detention centers? What do you think will be the best solution to resolve immigration loopholes and embrace migrants who pose no threat to Americans? What must we do to help fix the crisis at our border?

Women's rights

Women's rights are fundamental human rights that were set in stone by the United Nations for every human being. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, enshrines "the equal rights of men and women," and addressed both the equality and equity issues. According to Lockwood, Bert's book on human rights, issues commonly associated with notions of women's rights include the right: to bodily integrity and autonomy; to be free from sexual violence; to vote; to hold public office; to enter into legal contracts; to have equal rights in family law; to work; to have reproductive rights. These rights also include the right to live free from discrimination, domestic violence, and slavery; the right to be educated, to own property, and to earn a fair and equal wage.

Women's rights are human rights; however, most places around the world still violate girls and women often simply because of their gender. The future of women's rights is at stake. For instance, in our country, a new dangerous anti-abortion policy orders a global Gag Rule and cuts off vital, safe abortion services for women. Enforcing this policy poses a direct threat to the health, dignity, and well-being of women and girls everywhere.

Every girl and every woman must be educated on their rights as contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every female should have the right to live equally, no matter her sexuality or identity. Will women globally lose hard-won rights, or will the backlash instead catalyze new wins?

Government efficiency JustlikeGod

Government efficiency

According to the CEO of the Center for Organizational Excellence, overall efficiency is rarely a focus for government, resulting in a waste of money, time, and resources. Inefficient programs take away critical resources, reduce quality, and reduce services to the American people. Low morale also contributes to inefficiency.

Given the budget situation of our government, the focus on service and data, and the cataloging of duplicative programs doesn't help our government to address this critical issue. We can measure our government's efficiency through productivity, the number of resources it takes to produce an outcome or the ratio of output per unit of input. Making programs more efficient can reduce spending on resources required to create an output or achieve an objective.

Our government's representatives must have clear goals, supported by a well-defined process, and the ability to adapt as needed. There should be a compulsory monthly or quarterly report on the accomplishment of significant activities. Each Federal and State representatives must present updates in the least complicated way. Measured outcome analysis will be used to inform and assure Americans that they are making the appropriate progress as promised. Efficiency is achievable once we start demanding a strong need to address low morale and inefficiency in our government. How can the United States improve government efficiency by enforcing ethical leadership traits; honesty, trust & integrity?

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Angel Love
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Bullet control is the answer

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