Live Auction

Some of our biggest supporters donated their brand new custom Lamborghinis as a source of raising funds to support our mission. Bid on this brand new gorgeous custom-made Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster with only 33 factory miles and full interior carbon fiber. What makes the design of this beautiful Roadster so alluring? The style, the idea of patriotism, the Twin Tower front hood illusion, the POW-MIA face in honor of the fallen and the show of appreciation for all who serve our country! The US military POW-MIA face will be engraved on the hood of our Lamborghini using a Light Emitting Coating system, which will make it illuminate. We have made our entire focus on what’s important, and we promise that you will love it. All funds generated from this live auction will go towards fulfilling our plan to create new jobs for unemployed veterans. Bid now and may the best man win.