What can we as Americans do to improve the quality  of the fundamental standard of living in America? What are you most dissatisfied with? Please voice your opinion by voting on which of these resolutions to Americans’ High-profile Issues take precedence over the others. Scroll down to VOTE NOW. Thanks

Which of these resolutions to Americans' high-profile issues take precedence over the others?
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As a parent, how do you feel about metal detectors?
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Let's Discuss Ideas

Let’s discuss our main areas of focus: mass shootings, quality education, unemployed, and suicidal Veterans. We also want you to share your proposed solutions to other issues regarding; healthcare, recidivism, unemployment, violence against our Police Officers, police brutality, religious terrorism, racism, and violent extremism, immigration, climate change, gun control, and other issues not listed.


Revamp our school’s curriculum to include innovative, practical & real -world subject matter electives. Enforce work experiences like internships and apprenticeships by mandating more collaboration with students and corporations.


Each year the US loses up to $260 billion in economic output due to the illness of its workers. If worker illness reduces by half, our nation’s economy can grow up to 50%. How can we implement accessible and affordable health care as an essential economic lifeline?


Our COOT (Crime Out Our Turf) initiative will be adequately funded to create correction programs that effectively address the criminogenic needs of felony offenders. The COOT project will create new jobs, new homes, and community outreach events to help reduce the rate of crime and recidivism.